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Steps to Selling Your Home

Step 1: Decide to Sell

Step 2: Find a Realtor

Step 3: Declutter and Stage

Step 4: Pre-Market Inspection?

Step 5: Repair Time

Step 6: Deep Clean

Step 7: Professional Photography

Step 8: Pre-Market/Marketing

Step 9: Live on MLS, Now What?

Step 10: Time for Showings

Step 11: We Received an Offer, huh?

Step 12: Couldn't Come to An Agreement (may not apply)

Step 13: Accepted Offer, Now What?

Step 14: The Home Inspection

Step 15: The Appraisal

Step 16: Repairs?

Step 17: Scheduling Closing

Step 18: Hire a Cleaner

Step 19: Schedule Utilities and Homeowner's Insurance

Step 20: Clear to Close?

Step 21: Final Walk Through

Step 22: Closing Day

Step 23: Review Your Realtor