Scheduling Closing

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It is important to schedule the closing on your calendar and arrange to take the day off from work. You also need to know a few things about the closing on our executed contract:

- The closing date can change. Ideally it will not change, but the mortgage company may need more time, or the seller may need to change the date to be in accordance with the home they are moving to. 

- The exact location and start time for closing won't be scheduled until your lender gives us the Clear to Close (CtC), meaning final underwriting has been done and you are completely approved for the loan and conditions have been met. 

- Plan on attending the closing in person. However, if this is not possible, we have a few options, but give me as much notice as you can so we can plan accordingly. 

- Wire transfer the closing costs and down payment to the title company the day Before closing. Only follow the instructions if the document comes from Me, or your Lender. There are may scams out there that target buyers down payments and will steal your money. 

- If you are planning on moving into your new home the day of closing, schedule to start moving at least 1-2 hours after closing, if possible. Legally the house is not yours until settlement occurs. I will advise you as to when you can officially move in!