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Awesome! So you have picked your Realtor (me!), now whats next? - we need to meet so we can discuss our wants and needs and really get to the core beliefs of what I am looking for.

I know you have found our steps in the process on my site, but I have created a "checklist" with you can view Here. This is a hard copy of the things we are going to be handling, where you can write and check them off with dates of completion. 

Don't stress about it too hard, as I will be here to remind you of each step as we go along. 


At this point, we are at the most important step - Finding the right home. We will get you set up on a MLS search that will automatically send to you. When the MLS email comes in, I need you to do a few things.

     - Check for the MLS emails on a day to day basis and review them. Mark properties you want to see with the Heart/Favorite button, then I will look to setup a time to see the property. If you have certain questions about certain properties, either text or email me about them and I will get answers to those questions.

     - If there's a property that comes on that you love and want to see ASAP, shoot me a text or phone call and let me know when you are available to go look at it. I will then get in contact with the seller and coordinate. Most properties do require a few hours notice to show it, so keep that in mid. 

     - Please update me as to when you are available for showings so that I can schedule them accordingly. Also, I would love to drive you around in my vehicle so we can discuss between showings, but we can also caravan, whatever you prefer. 

     - Wear comfortable footwear for showing days, as some homes will require us to take our shoes off/on at the property.

     - I will have the MLS sheets on my tablet and will get you physical copies, if you request them, so that we can see the details on each property. I will bring some drinks/snacks as well, depending on how many showings we have scheduled. 


You can hold off the searches on zillow, trulia, as those properties should be showing up on your MLS feed that I am sending to you. If I need to tweak the criteria, please let me know.