Do You Want A Home Warranty?

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Alright, now it is time to select your Home Warranty Company. As we have talked before when writing the offer, it depends on our strategy who we ask to pay for the home warranty policy, up to $500. 

A home warranty is going to warrant the Operating Systems of a home that they work. You can check the exact coverages by looking at the policies, they cover the most common things in a household, and the higher cost plans will cover more things. (water heaters, furnace, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical - but not the fixtures, etc.)

Here are my favorite home warranty providers.

Equity Home Warranty

Yancy Scott


Silverback Home Warranty

Ross Lobato


Ibex Home Warranty

Christina Clayton


Elevate Home Warranty

Elric Birchett


American Home Shield


Once you have decided on a provider, let me know so that I can get it set up with them and ensure that the title company knows where they are supposed to send the payment to.