Closing and Settlement

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Closing time!


We will close at the title company we selected before during the process. Closing will not be schedule until your lender issues a Clear to Close (CtC) loan approval. 

When we schedule closing, check in with your movers (if you're going to have them move you) to ensure their appointment is confirmed. Most closings take about 2 hours, but if we have a complicated scenario, it could take longer. Moving on the same day is not recommended, but if necessary, be sure to allow enough time for the purchase to "record" (with the county) before anything is moved. 

A few things you need to bring:

   - Photo ID (drivers license is best)

   - Checkbook (just in case)

   - Copies of earnest money receipt and wire transfer receipt. 


Once the transfer of funds has occurred, this is referred to as "settlement". Remember, the house is NOT officially yours to modify/enter until "recording" has occurred. As soon as I get a call from the title officer that it has recorded, you will be notified and can enter/move in at that time! 

Congratulations new homeowner!